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The Home Office, a whole new shed working experience

It is official: The days of the garden shed being associated with an abandoned little hut on an allotment to house the lawnmower, the weed killer and dad’s radio are long gone. The humble shed has its own awards programme, “Shed of the Year”, held its own exhibition at the V&A Museum for national Shed Week and a whole book and site dedicated to its glory The shed is now considered a welcome addition to any garden by the whole family that can be used for a myriad of purposes, from home gyms and studios to the ideal place to store your desk and paperwork for working from home.

With over 4.2 million people in the UK working from home, that’s nearly 14% of the workforce, the rise in the need for a place to work at the bottom of the garden is to be expected and with a choice from wooden caravans and DIY sheds, to a purpose built room in the garden this is one space that can be created quickly and personalised to suit, whilst being a world away from your home when you need it to be.

Shed working not only allows you to personalise your office space in any way you would like, it allows you to be fully in control of your personal work-life balance too. With the freedom to ‘commute’ to work whenever you are ready and to shut the door on your work at the end of the day you are able to retain the peaceful isolation of working from home; avoiding possible noise and distraction inside the house and without the hurried need to sweep away your paperwork from the kitchen table at dinner time, or usher your children to their rooms when a client comes to call.

It is understandable that so many homeworkers report an improvement in their productivity when they are able to tailor their working lives to the best times for them and are able to psychologically separate their working and home space, whilst continuing to be motivated by making a physical journey to their place of work; but equally are able to look out of the window and feel excited by the space that they are going to work in today.

Not only does this greener commute reduce the time spent in rather close proximity to strangers on public transport and your carbon footprint, with the increased capabilities of mobile and broadband technologies, internet platforms and social media sites, there has never been an easier or faster way to work alongside your colleagues, yet in solitary in the privacy of your own workspace. With the ability to connect up to your existing phone and broadband facilities at home too, shedworking presents a great opportunity to reduce your monthly outgoing costs.

Commuting to work presents hefty expenses too; there’s the travel costs from fuel and parking, train fares, and don’t forget that extra shot Frappuccino you purchased with your lunch. However, if you are running your own business, commercial property can present some high unexpected costs, in addition to the standard workspace rental charges too. From service charges, car parking and minimum call charges on telecoms agreements, occupiers can expect set up and connection charges and possible legal fees for lease agreements when moving into a commercial property.

Compared to the cost of leasing commercial property, building an extension, loft conversion or conservatory, creating your own space can cost considerably less than you may expect. With garden buildings starting at £10,995 (including VAT) The Home Office Company creates personalised studios and offices for a variety of purposes, not only working from home, and has been developing and installing them across the country for over 15 years.

Shedworking may be leading the alternative workspace revolution, however, most self-confessed shedworkers are working from a purpose-built garden room or studio in order to avoid the pitfalls commonly associated with their namesake: Instead of finding, financing and managing suppliers to retrospectively fit security, electricity, wiring, heating and flooring etc. to an existing building, or attempting to watch a shed company’s You Tube video in an attempt to install you own, as a client of The Home Office Company you are able to create a garden studio specified and configured to your requirements, with full installation included in the cost; assured that your new working space will be secure, insulated, double glazed and contain all of the sockets and lighting that you need to work comfortably.

With a plethora of uses for a garden room, shedworking has never been more popular as a way of creating both your ideal space at home, combined with the quality of life you desire, swiftly and quickly as many professionally designed garden offices can be installed in a few days. Due to the size of many of The Home Office Company solutions in most cases planning permission is not required, but with our planning service we can fully advise you throughout the whole process, if required.

For further information on how to create the perfect garden office for your shedworking dream contact us today.