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The Home Office Company launches Series II with new garden rooms website

The Home Office Company has released a second series to its popular product range of garden room and studio designs, innovated to make lasting design improvements for its customers for years to come.

Following the purchase of the design and rights of the Home Office Company in 2012 by the Dalton family, the brand has re-engineered the original classical Home Office range of buildings to launch the Series II range in October 2015, with an updated garden building design, additional offerings of flexible personalisation and weather-proof colour elements and a new website to assist customers with selecting their ideal garden room for a multitude of uses.

The company has created personalised Home Offices for a large ranging variety of uses – from gyms, music rooms and art studios to libraries, peaceful retreats and offices with a garden outlook - designed to be practical environments in which to live, work and play all year round. The Home Office designers have developed a fantastic modular system enabling each office’s wall-section to be either panelled or glazed depending on the individual’s requirements, creating an almost infinite range of possibilities.

Managing Director Charlie Dalton, a joiner by trade, is the current owner and founder of Smart Garden Offices, one of the leading manufacturers in the garden office market.  Based at their Suffolk factory, and by way of quality craftsmanship, customer service and attention to detail the Dalton family is now re-establishing the Home Office garden room range to its earlier pre-eminence.

The Home Office Series II is fully manufactured from sustainable Redwood wooden frames at the company’s UK factory, alongside its Smart Garden Office sister. The upgraded design sees the move to create the Home Office on the same TuSC chassis, unique to Smart, providing class-leading strength and rigidity to the product through innovative engineering and design, and creating an extended lifespan for a beautiful addition to any sized garden.

Charlie Dalton, Managing Director of the Home Office Company, said; “It is fantastic to be able to bring the classically designed Home Office to the market with improved rigidity and design features that complement its existing beautiful, flexible and unique design. As the manufacturer of the UK’s leading garden offices it has been fantastic to develop the Home Office brand and its classical intricate design as an alternative to our existing contemporary product range at Smart Garden Offices; ensuring that we are creating a lasting, aesthetically beautiful addition to our clients gardens to be enjoyed for many years to come.”

With a growing demand for garden offices and studios as an alternative to conservatories and summerhouses, the Home Office Company offers an ideal solution for adding more space to homes, usually without the rigmarole of planning permission and heavy disruption from builders.

The benefits to the improved design of Series II also include an increase in thickness to the solid, fully-insulated roofs and floors all insulated to the very highest energy efficiency Building Regulations, using building materials have been chosen to create a comfortable Eco-friendly building that draws the minimum of energy, all year round, whatever the weather.